TENS Machine from Zoe Tech Pain Relief: How to Use It

What is a TENS machine, and what does it do? Are there any health conditions that could benefit from a TENS machine from Zoe Tech? For us to answer these questions, we must first understand how a TENS machine works. When the patient applies pressure to a specified point on the body, the machine readies itself for receiving electrical signals from the body in response to that specific point. Once those signals are received, the appliance activates a small generator and sends a burst of electrical energy to the particular area of the body being treated.

TENS machine from Zoe TechWhen the applied pressure is released, the electrical current produced is again absorbed by the body. The whole process happens in mere seconds! A TENS machine can be used for various applications such as pain relief, relaxation, physiotherapy, and sports therapy. It is estimated that over 300 TENS machines have been purchased by medical professionals all around the world. So what is a TENS machine, and why is it becoming so popular?

A tens machine is a portable electrical device worn on the body to relieve pain or other ailments. Applying constant pressure to a particular spot on the body will relieve tension and stress on the affected area. The relief will usually be short term but can last as long as a few hours. Many different TENS machines are available to buy, and they differ significantly in their function and design. Here are some examples:

Electrode pads are the most basic form of a TENS machine from Zoe Tech and are often the first people consider when shopping for one. The electrode pads are placed directly onto the skin. The machine sends electrical pulses through the electrodes to the skin, which helps to relieve the pressure. It is the most commonly recommended type of TENS machine by health professionals and physiotherapists. Although it works best with very light tension, it can also be used on heavier cases for temporary relief.

If you have more severe back problems or are pregnant, you may need to consider a unit that works with multiple electrodes. When the patient moves their legs or arms, the electrodes adjust to ensure their muscles’ electrical pulse. It increases the effectiveness of a TENS machine from Zoe Tech, making it easier to provide relief from pain. Many doctors recommend the use of multiple electrodes when treating patients suffering from chronic pain. In addition to using electrode pads, you may also need to wear unique bracelets that apply varying pressure levels to different parts of the body.

TENS machines are not limited to providing relief from pain only. They can also help to ease some forms of chronic pain. For example, by applying a tens machine to the spine, it is possible to relieve back pain. It is because the electrical current helps to reduce muscle tension, allowing the muscles to relax. In addition, it also reduces the intensity of the pain experienced in the back region. If you suffer from chronic pain, you should consider trying a tens machine to see if it provides you with pain relief.