What You Must Know About ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction is the surgical replacement of an anterior cruciate ligament – a large part located in the front of the knee (ACL). ACL injuries are most commonly experienced during sports that include sudden changes and sudden stops in movement, like gymnastics, high jumping, and running. The anterior cruciate ligament’s primary function is to stabilise the knee, preventing it from sliding forward towards the shin when the knee is flexed.

When an athlete sustains a severe knee injury or strain, there may be a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament supports the knee and prevents it from flexing and falling forward. The most common areas of the body that experience tears of the anterior cruciate ligament include the biceps, shoulder, neck, wrists, ankles, and knees. Knee injuries are often the result of repetitive movements, but the best solution is ACL Reconstruction Adelaide.

The patella, which is the flat bone on the outer side of the thigh, acts as a stabiliser for the knee joint. Any trauma to the knee joint can result in a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament.

ACL injuries are usually categorised into three types: anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, and lateral collateral ligaments (also known as plantar fasciitis or MCL injuries). These ligaments are found on either side of the knee, between the lateral epicondyle and the tibia. The anterior cruciate ligament is the most commonly injured of the three. ACL tears are characterised by swelling, warmth, redness, tenderness, and a clicking sound when the knee is bent.

ACL Reconstruction AdelaideThe MCL is one of the most important ligaments in the knee joint because it provides stability for the knee joint, but it also has an essential role in reducing knee pain. It is important to note that ACL tears can be caused by a variety of reasons – such as ligaments becoming injured due to repetitive movements or over time. ACL tears can occur with sudden movements, such as when someone slides on their knees, or kicks hard or performs individual sports.

For ACL tears to heal, the damaged tissues have to be replaced by healthy tissue and connective tissue.  ACL Reconstruction Adelaide can be performed to repair tears, particularly those caused by trauma, but it should be carefully monitored after any surgery and followed by a period of rest. A doctor should carefully evaluate any knee injury before beginning any activity that requires knee motion.

While some patients have symptoms like swelling and bruising, others may not. While the symptoms of an ACL injury may go away after two days, sometimes the symptoms will persist for several weeks. If you experience any symptoms, visit your physician right away to rule out anything more severe than your typical knee pain.

One way to address knee injuries is through physical therapy and rehabilitation. Physical therapy is vital for rehabilitation because it provides a method of working with a physical therapist to strengthen and rehabilitate the knee. Physical therapy can also help to build strength, which is essential in repairing the knee.

Depending on the severity of your injury and the extent of the damage, you may need to undergo surgery for ACL reconstruction. In most cases, this will be done through arthroscopy where the damaged cartilage is removed through an arthroscope and placed in the injured area.

The best option for preventing ACL injuries is to avoid injury in the first place. Avoiding accidents that involve your knee joint is often the best thing to do, so be careful of injuries and take care of your knee at all times. When something does happen, be sure to consult a doctor immediately.

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