Artificial Grass Products for All Types of Landscapes

Artificial grass is a synthetic surface of fibres of different artificial resins designed to appear exactly like real natural grass. It’s most frequently used nowadays on sporting venues for sports either originally or generally played on natural grass, such as soccer. But it has also become popular for residential lawns, commercial landscaping applications and even in the manufacturing industry.

artificial grass Gold CoastThe primary benefit of artificial turf lies in its ability to mimic the look, feel and even temperature of natural grass. It is especially important for colder regions since the same surface type can help reduce energy costs by reducing heating or cooling. Moreover, with recent technological advances, artificial grass has also started to imitate the texture and even weight of natural grass, thus reducing maintenance. However, there are still some other advantages of artificial grass in artificial grass Gold Coast that one should be aware of.

Though artificial turf is widely used in numerous public areas and sports facilities, not all artificial grass blades are created equal. The most common types are the polyethylene or polypropylene turf blades that make up the majority of installations. They are characterized by their durability, low maintenance and superior adhesive power thanks to the various chemical additives used to increase their strength and elasticity.

The second most common type is the thatch variety, which offers the same benefits as polyethylene but has many negative impacts. For starters, they’re more expensive than thatch. Moreover, though it may seem that the eco-friendly version of artificial grass is just as good as the regular version, real grass has several advantages over the thatch variety. The real grass can even produce more green material over time. Lastly, real grass grows faster than thatch, up to an average of 40 percent faster.

The third-generation artificial turf is also a third-generation technology, offering even greater qualities than thatch. This latest technology can withstand extreme weather conditions and is more durable than the previous generations. Moreover, the synthetic grass produced by this generation is very easy to maintain and is highly recommended for residential and commercial landscapes. This synthetic grass has excellent adhesion properties and can also handle acidic soils. If you want to install this type of turf on your own, there are certain steps that you need to follow.

There are many things to consider when installing artificial turf on your property. First, you need to research extensively on the various types of materials used to make the grass so that you can make an informed decision as to what material suits your needs best. You can then contact artificial grass Gold Coast to help you install and maintain the turf you choose. There are several different artificial grass products available today, and so do some research before purchasing any of them. You can visit your nearby hardware store or search the internet for relevant product information.