11 Things You’ll Experience on Your First Driving Lesson

You’ve finally made it. You’re on your first driving lesson! Excited? Nervous? A mixture of the two? No matter how you feel about this moment, some things are sure to happen during your very first in-car driving lesson. Make sure you know what they are beforehand so you can be prepared for them – it’ll make everything easier and more comfortable. Here’s a list of 11 things that might happen during your first driving lesson:


You’ll Meet Your Instructor for the First Time

Your instructor will greet you with a smile and shake your hand or give you a high five if they’re feeling extra friendly. It’s their job to make driving lessons Brisbane a success for you, and they’re sure to put in 100% effort.


Your Instructor Will Explain the Rules of the Road

To begin with, your instructor will explain how important it is that you follow all road rules – even when just learning or practising them! They’ll also go over hand signals and share the road, so make sure you listen carefully.


Your Instructor Will Discuss Your Learning Goals

Before your driving lesson begins, your instructor will likely ask what you hope to get out of it. Then, they’ll discuss where you’d like to be in a few months or years and how they can help – then it’s up to you!


You’ll Get Into the Car for Your Driving Lesson

It might seem like a small thing, but trust us – there are few things more exciting than climbing into your car for driving lessons Brisbane, especially when it means that you’re about to get behind the wheel of something so powerful and intimidating. You’ll want to make sure you buckle up safely, of course.


You’ll Start Your First Driving Lesson

It’s time! You’re about to start your first driving lesson with the person who will become one of your most valuable teachers. They’ve been looking forward to this moment as much as you – and they already know lots of great techniques to make driving lessons Brisbane easier for you. So make sure you pay close attention!


Your Driving Instructor Will Show You How Everything Works

Before leaving the safety of your car park, your instructor will likely show and explain everything in detail – from how to use the gear stick and foot pedals to starting up the engine and pulling away from the curb.


You’ll Get to Put Your Driving Skills Into Action

It’s time to get on with driving lessons Brisbane! So how will you feel when your instructor lets out a sigh of relief and tells you it’s okay for you to answer some text messages? Relaxed, probably – because now is the best opportunity to practise your driving skills.


You’ll Learn How to Perform a Reverse Manoeuvre

During your first driving lesson, the most likely thing you’ll need to know is how to perform a reverse manoeuvre – especially if there’s a car park involved. Of course, you must get this one right, so expect some extra guidance from your instructor until it becomes second nature.


You’ll Have a Short Break or End Your Driving Lesson Early

Depending on how your driving lesson goes, you might have the option to take a break after 30 minutes of driving – which can help if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Or maybe it’s going so well that there’s no need for an early finish! Either way, this is a good time to talk about how you feel and what went well.


You’ll Drive Home Safely!

After all of that hard work (and maybe some fun), it’s finally time for your driving lesson to come to an end – but not before getting home safely. Your instructor will ensure you get there by reminding you to look carefully for pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.


You’ll Get Ready for Your Next Driving Lesson with Confidence!

When your driving lesson is over, it’s likely that you won’t want the time to end just yet – because now you have a car full of new knowledge! You might even be eager to get out on the road again – but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned. And who knows? By then, your next driving lesson might be even easier!