Popular Fencing Options for 2019

This year has brought about many changes in Adelaide’s construction sector. One of the most significant turnarounds is in the fencing segment. There are now multiple variations in design and material that you can choose from. Outscape Constructions offers the high-quality fencing services you’ve been looking for.


What are the most popular types of fencing designs this year?


  1. Aluminium


Aluminium fences are very popular in residential areas around the world. It is not the most durable option, but you can always ask your contractor to add enhancements for increased security. You can also choose from a wide range of colours so the fencing will suit your taste.


  1. Artistic Wood


If you’re one of the homeowners who want an aesthetic element added into your fences, ask your Outscape Constructions expert about the designs available for wood fencing. You can choose the type of lumber to be used, and you can also explore the options on design and even carvings for an intricate look.


  1. Wrought Iron


Wrought iron fences are some of the most durable choices you can discuss with your contractor. These fencing structures are highly recommended for homeowners who prioritise security. If you have a farm, this fencing option may work best for you. After all, we want to protect not just our families but also our properties and investments.


  1. PVC


Recognised in Australia and around the world as the most affordable fencing type, PVC fencing is the option that will keep your wallet safe and sound. Compared to wrought iron, this fence is not as durable or stable. On the other hand, you can ask your contractor if they have enhancements that will improve the strength of your fences.


  1. Bamboo


Bamboo is gaining popularity in many regions across the world. This material is an eco-friendly fencing option that will work best for people who want to reduce the waste and elements that contribute to climate change. You can choose from three styles: rolled, cane, and live.


  1. Vinyl


Vinyl fencing Adelaide is the least popular among fencing options. However, industry experts say this fence type is much more reliable than wood. It also doesn’t need to be maintained often, unlike bamboo and wood fencing. Water and soap will do the job of removing stains and built-up dust.


Fences are not just an aesthetic addition to the exteriors of a house. These are also protective structures that will improve your home’s overall privacy. If you want to personalise the design, talk to your contractor about their custom fencing services. Start protecting your privacy through reliable fencing today!