Realising How Beneficial Split System ACs Are

A split system air conditioner system consists of two units as its name suggests. It has an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser, and the other one is an indoor unit that contains an air handler. Typically, these two units have a line set in between. Those are copper refrigerant tubing, a power cable and a drain for condensation.

Compared to packaged units which house all components in one single cabinet, split systems are far different.  Not only that but it is also not the same as window units that features a fan, compressor and coils either inside a window or wall-mounted box.

Many individuals opt to use a split system air conditioner due to the numerous benefits it offers, including:

  1. It is easy to install.

A split system only requires less work when it comes to installation, unlike traditional systems. There is no ductwork necessary, but the connector between your indoor and outdoor units will require an opening that is in diameter about 3 inches. After that, all that is needed is nothing else but access to electricity and a location where to mount your units. For refrigerant tubes, manufacturers offer different lengths. It will ensure that both your indoor and outdoor unit can be up to 100 feet apart.

  1. You expect better energy efficiency ratings.

Ductworks are most often the cause of why central systems lose a lot of energy. In fact, in cooling power, leaky ducts can see a loss of up to 30 per cent. Once you have uninsulated ductwork or have installed the unit on unconditioned spaces, it will cause energy efficiency issues. So if you want your savings to significantly increase while money spent on future utility bills to lessen, you should opt for split systems as it offers an entirely ductless design.

In some instances, ductless air conditioners can surpass the efficiency level of a standard air conditioner. It can effectively achieve above 30 SEER. If you would like to know further about the efficiency rating of ACs, take time here to Click for More Info.

  1. Split systems can easily blend with any décor.

Indoor installation is highly flexible when it comes to a split system air conditioner. It’s your choice whether to suspend it from your ceiling or hang it on walls. Additionally, plenty of this unit offers elegant and sophisticated jackets that are aesthetically appealing. Moreover, compared to window units that require you to either cut a hole in a wall or dedicate a window to your air conditioner, split systems are less obtrusive.

  1. You get increased security.

Unlike window units which offer intruders access to your home, a split system air conditioner is a lot more security friendly. The small hole necessary for the installation of the split units doesn’t pose much threat to your home’s safety compared to the open hole in your wall or window.