Some Basic Facts You Must Know About Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket is popularly known to help in improving the quality of sleep, stabilising blood pressure and increasing circulation. Apart from that, it also claims to help in alleviating a host of neurological and brain-based disorders, including anxiety and autism. That’s why it is not surprising why weighted blankets are very high in demands today.

During the holiday season, many sellers and suppliers experience some difficulty in keeping the product in stock as everyone was buying it. In fact, even famous personalities and celebrities are bragging on social media how Weighted blankets Perth helped them in improving their sleep.

A weighted blanket is what they sound precise like, blankets with weights, and it is not all that new. For a long time already, occupational therapists prescribe weighted blankets to their patients. They primarily offer it to children and adults on the autism spectrum as it helps in managing sensory-related symptoms for decades. Sadly, others took a while in discovering and catching the amazing benefits that these blankets offer.

Compared to an oversized quilt or comforter, heavy blankets significantly differ in design. Weighted blankets consist of several pockets that are filled with little weighted objects like beads or pellets. Similar to a patchwork quilt, these individual pockets are sewn shut and stitched together. In distributing the small weights all over the body, this quilting method significantly helps.

The pressure points throughout the body are prompt by the evenly distributed weight of the blanket. It signals the nervous system to calm down. The calming effects that weighted blankets give to the nervous system help in managing sensory-related issues caused by Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as anxiety. Not only that, but you will fall asleep more quickly with the sense of calm that weighted blankets give to your body as well.

The production of serotonin is another way of how Weighted blankets Perth can improve the sleep and wake cycle. Serotonin or often called “the happy hormone” helps in producing more melatonin which is a chemical in the body necessary in encouraging sleep. Keep in mind that in ensuring a good night’s sleep and in restoring the body’s circadian rhythm naturally, an increased level of melatonin in the brain can significantly help.

Moreover, according to many weighted blanket users, when they wake up in the morning, they feel more rested. In fact, the refreshed feeling after sleeping with weighted blanket associates with the release of melatonin in the body.

For many reasons, most manufacturers always recommend aspiring users to opt for a weighted blanket that is 10% of the body’s weight. However, many consumers report that using a weighted blanket with added extra few pounds only enhances its benefits. Plus, it is highly discouraged for family or friends to share weighted blankets because everyone dramatically differs in size.