After the first harvest in years, the rejuvenated Mount Panorama Estate, in conjunction with McGrath wines, has produced its first prodigy.

The “Six Row” Semillon refers to an exclusive part of the 80 rows on offer and is the work of local winemaker Peter McGrath. Harbouring unique cool climate characteristics, the Six Row is what is left of a somewhat disastrous season for vineyards in the Bathurst region. After much heavy rain and massive temperature drops around harvest, The Six Row is a rare gem that has emerged victorious where many other varietals have failed in 2011.

Nevertheless, this easy drinking seafood companion has found the inside of the glass and is available exclusively through Algona in limited quantities to purchase or to accompany your menu of choice.

A perfect match to many a gourmet delight, The Six Row is sure to add to almost any state of affairs and is a sure reminder that something good can establish its superiority in somewhat of a dull situation.